Fridge Shelves

Our fridge shelves are made from durable and long-lasting acrylic plastic, which can be cut to any size or thickness required, making for an easy replacement for your refrigerator – whatever the make or model. The shatterproof and hardwearing qualities of acrylic make it perfectly suited to applications that see a lot of regular use such as fridges, so you don’t need to worry about breakages. Acrylic is well suited to use in kitchen applications, as it’s easy to keep clean and hygienic, and is food safe. Acrylic is also suitable for use in low temperatures, so it’s ideal for replacement fridge shelving. Our plastic fridge shelves can be made from clear acrylic or glass-look acrylic, which gives it a pale green tint when the edges are viewed and can be cut to any size or shape to suit your needs. These fridge shelves are incredibly lightweight but are still capable of supporting heavy weights without damage, so they’re easy to take out to clean thoroughly yet simply just by wiping them down with a soft microfibre cloth and some warm water. They’re resistant to corrosion and chemicals, so they’ll stay looking in great quality condition for years to come.

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