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5mm Foam Board

Foam board is a hardwearing product that can be useful for a wide variety of creative applications. 5mm foam board sheets are easily fabricated and can be cut with a circular saw or jigsaw and drilled or glued with ease – with this in mind, even those with minimal experience can install sheets of foam board quickly and efficiently. At Cut My Plastic, we offer bespoke cutting services to suit your specifications and quick delivery to ensure you can use your materials as soon as possible.

What are the advantages of 5mm foam board?

Foam board is ideal for interior and exterior applications, as it is weatherproof and moisture-resistant so any design printed onto the surface will remain crisp, clear and vibrant. The even surface of foam board makes it a great material to print onto, whether it’s patterns, text or photo-quality images, using UV-resistant inks that provide lasting vibrancy. Despite being a very lightweight material, PVC foam board is surprisingly durable and long-lasting, so it’s a great investment that’s relatively inexpensive compared to other materials. Foam board is a fire-safe product that is actually self-extinguishing and fire-resistant, which provides peace of mind if you’re using it in a public area.

What is 5mm foam board best suited to?

Due to the increased thickness, 5mm foam board sheets are better suited to applications where you require more rigidity and stability. For example, for hanging signs or for semi-permanent displays where the application benefits from more strength, 5mm sheets are a preferable option. In addition to the extra thickness, these foam board sheets are still great as a base for adhering coloured text or graphics to for maximum impact and fantastic results. Whether you’re creating exhibition graphics, point of sale signs, estate agent signage or branded wall cladding, our 5mm foam board sheets have a multitude of uses.

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