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3mm Foam Board

Foam board is a durable and versatile product that can be useful for a wide range of applications. Our 3mm foam board sheets can be cut easily with a circular saw or jigsaw and can be drilled or glued with ease, making it an ideal material for DIY enthusiasts to work with even with limited experience. At Cut My Plastic, we offer custom cutting services to suit your specifications and fast delivery to ensure you can use your materials as soon as possible.

What are the advantages of 3mm foam board?

Foam board is a chemically-formed sheet that can be used for both in and outdoor applications, due to its rigid and durable properties. Because foam board is so lightweight, it’s easy to handle and install, as well as helping with transportation purposes. It has a smooth surface that makes it a common material for printed applications and laminated vinyl graphics such as signage or branding, and it can be cut to various sizes or shapes to suit the requirements of the project.

PVC foam board is fire-resistant and the material itself is actually self-extinguishing, so it’s a safe product to use in public areas to ensure the highest safety requirements. It’s also weather-resistant, so any design, images or text that are printed onto the surface won’t become damaged or deteriorate.

What is 3mm foam board best suited to?

3mm foam board is lightweight and the smooth, even surface means digital printing is clear and high quality, so it’s ideal for signs and retail displays. Graphics and images also print incredibly well onto foam board, so it’s perfect for mounting charts, photographs or artwork, to convey your work with impact. Because we can print to any size, 3mm foam board can also be printed with branding or images to create stylish and eye-catching wall cladding. It can even be used for exhibition graphics to grab the attention of passers-by and potential customers for your business.

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