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10mm Foam Board

10mm foam board is ideal for offering stability and rigidity to signs and exhibition graphics. It’s a flexible product that delivers both strength and lightness, so it’s quick and easy to fit without compromising on durability. Foam board can be cut easily using a circular saw or a jigsaw and it can be drilled or glued for quick installation. We offer fast delivery so you can ensure your project will be completed as soon as possible with minimal fuss.

What are the advantages of 10mm foam board?

10mm foam board is chemically-formed with a smooth surface that can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Foam board is very lightweight but it’s also rigid and durable, making it very versatile for numerous projects and easy to work with and install. Foam board has an even surface that makes it a popular material for digital printing and laminated vinyl graphics, which can be used for signage or branding. At Cut My Plastic, we can be cut foam board to any size or shape to suit the requirements of your project, and we can even pre-drill holes to make installing it even easier.

Foam board is fire-resistant and the material itself is self-extinguishing, so it’s a safe product to use in public areas where the highest safety standards are required. It’s moisture and weather-resistant, so any design or images printed onto the surface won’t become damaged or deteriorate with time. This is particularly useful for semi-permanent displays where you need a product that’s built to last.

What is 10mm foam board best suited to?

10mm foam board is a thick and sturdy product that can be used as a lightweight support for graphics, architectural or exhibition work, and as a self-supporting surface for signs. It’s incredibly rigid and tough, with an ultra-fine polystyrene core that means it’s lightweight but still impact-resistant. 10mm foam board is commonly used for larger signs as the added thickness means it will withstand exposure to wind and the elements without showing signs of damage, and the smooth surface means we can print any image or text onto it for maximum impact and results.

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