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Double Sided Foam Tape

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Our high-tack, permanent adhesive tape offers excellent weather-resistant properties and has been specifically designed for mounting and joining nameplates, plastic trims and signs. Double-sided foam tape provides long-term bonding performance and is incredibly strong, so it’s great for bonding materials with different textures or irregular surfaces. Foam tapes can also be beneficial in dampening vibrations or sound, as well as bonding over holes and voids.

This product was initially designed for mounting glass mirrors but it’s also suitable for long-term external use as well, as it’s UV-resistant and can cope well with changes in temperature and exposure to chemicals. Double-sided foam tape provides excellent stress distribution for the sheeting it’s supporting and will allow surfaces to expand at different rates while still staying well bonded, as they flex with the heat. Whether you’re fitting a splashback or want additional support for external applications, this foam tape is a great option that has incredible holding power and durability.

The tape is 19mm wide, 1.5mm thick and 1.5 metres long.