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Cut My Plastic provides digital printing services for all your plastic printing needs. We have the product knowledge and latest equipment to produce excellent finishes to a wide variety of plastic materials, including vinyl, Foamex, acrylic and PVC.

We deliver optimal printing performance for various applications to suit your requirements. Achieving the desired finish on different types of plastic substrates can be difficult. Our expertise when it comes to the characteristics of different plastics means we can ensure the right techniques are used.

Using the latest digital printing equipment, we can provide a range of graphics and text options for your marketing and advertising products. We provide swift and efficient printing services that enable you to begin using your products as quickly as possible and enjoy the rewards that come from high-quality printed materials. From banners, exhibition graphics and posters to window displays, building wraps and backlit graphics, there is a host of options available.

What can Cut My Plastic do for you?

·      We offer a quick turnaround and fast delivery to ensure you receive your items as quickly as possible.

·      Our experienced team can offer guidance and advice for the best results and a high-quality finish.

·      We stock a wide choice of materials to choose from for a product that meets your precise specifications.

What does the process of digital printing involve?

Digital printing works in a similar way to an at-home inkjet printer, but on a larger scale. The method of digital printing involves the printer using a four-colour process referred to as CMYK which is made up of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks. The image or text is then split into percentages of these four colours, which is then printed as a set of patterns to create the final result. White is then added to these inks to reduce the translucency and make the image clearer.

When printing on to a plastic substrate, the addition of a drying solution is needed to ensure the ink doesn’t pool onto the surface as plastic doesn’t absorb the ink in the same way as paper does. For this, we use a UV ink which is then exposed to a UV or UV LED light course in quick bursts to dry the ink. This process does double duty, as in addition to ensuring the colour dries it also makes the ink more durable and robust, helping to make it fade-resistant when exposed to the elements.

Digital printing is continually evolving and improving, with better technology and faster speeds. It’s a cost effective and fast alternative to other printing methods and has many advantages over different printing processes, as there are no costs associated with setting up a print run or the need for expensive materials. It’s well suited to lower quantities of printing – we can advise you based on your requirements as to the best solution for your order.