Red Correx (Polypropylene) Sheets

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Red corrugated plastic sheets often referred to as Correx, is a lightweight option for commercial spaces. With the qualities of plastic, such as chemical and water resistance, as well as incredible strength for a material of its size and weight, red Correx corrugated plastic sheeting is also fully recyclable, making it a more environmentally friendly material for a variety of applications.

As a bold stylish option, our red Correx adds a vibrant attention-grabbing aura, pairing perfectly to manipulate light and shadow. With a bright saturation, our red shade draws the eye to a feature or specific element of your design.

Because of the corrugated structure of Correx, the corrugated red plastic sheets are very flexible, but also give great strength regardless of the way it is manipulated and you can often see red corrugated plastic sheets being used in food packaging for its food-safe light but versatile properties.

In addition, the rigidity and hard-wearing qualities that corrugated plastic red Correx sheets provide make them ideal for outdoor use. Due to this, signage is one of the most popular uses for corrugated plastic sheets, as well as visual displays. It can also be printed on easily, so it’s perfect for advertising applications.

Key Features


Red Correx sheets are a popular and adaptable material that is made up of corrugated polypropylene plastic used to create a lightweight and hard-wearing sheet.

Weather Resistant

As a malleable material with fantastic weather-resistant qualities, our red Correx sheets make for ideal use outdoors, such as for signage or as a visual graphic.


Red Correx sheets are often used as signage in commercial spaces due to how light they are to install and how durable they are for continual use.


Correx sheets are easy to fabricate and can be cut, drilled and shaped to any requirements, so becomes a flexible material to work with. The cut surfaces can be polished and sanded easily for a more professional finish to your sheeting.


Red Correx sheets are equally easy to clean, with just warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth needed to ensure a hygienic finish. You can also polish Correx boards to buff out any scratches.


Red Correx sheets are made from polypropylene plastic and are one of the most easily recyclable materials. As such, they have been given the UK Number 5 Recycle Rating and considered to be Widely recyclable.

Applications & Uses


Material Polypropylene
Finish Red Corrugated Plastic
Available Thicknesses 4mm, 10mm (White only)
Available Colours White, Red, Yellow, Black
Maximum Sheet Size 2440mm x 1220mm
Minimum Sheet Size 100mm x 50mm
Softening Temperature 144 degree Celcius
Recyclable 5 - Widely Recycled
Cutting Tolerances +/- 1mm

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Proplex the same as Correx?

Correx is the same as Proplex. Correx is the brand name, similar to Perspex and acrylic.

Can Correx be recycled?

Correx is fully recyclable along with our acrylic products.

How do you cut Correx?

It is possible to cut Correx to size. While we are able to cut Correx to size prior to shipping we appreciate that some may wish to do so themselves. Use a sharp knife and be careful.

What is Correx made of?

Correx is often described as a piece of corrugated plastic, similar to cardboard. However, unlike corrugated card which is made with three layers, Correx is a single layer with two flat faces and open pipes making up the corrugated structure.

What is Correx?

Correx® is the brand name for polypropylene fluted board, which is a type of corrugated plastic. It is very lightweight, durable, and waterproof. Correx® is very popular for temporary outdoor signs.

How big can my board be?

Your board can be as big as you wish, there are no restrictions. However, boards are supplied at a maximum sheet size of 8 by 4ft (2400x 1220mm), any board printing orders larger than this will be split into sections.

How thick is your Correx board?

We offer Correx® boards in two different thicknesses for printing: 4mm and 6mm.

Can you print on corrugated plastic?

We are fully equipped to print corrugated plastic. Send us your print image, or contact us to discuss what you would like displayed.

Can you write on corrugated plastic?

We are able to print words and text on our Correx® sheets. As a finishing option, we are able to protect the print to make it graffiti proof, protecting your display.

Is Coroplast the same as corrugated plastic?

Corrugated plastic is a type of fluted polypropylene sheet. There are many popular brands for this including Coroplast® and Correx®.

What is corrugated plastic used for?

Correx is a great, budget-friendly option, for signs, notices, or indoor displays. Typically you will see corrugated plastic used in retail spaces or in offices. Correx is a great option that can be pre-drilled for easier installation.

Can I use a Correx sign outdoors?

Our printed Correx® signs are made from plastic so are weatherproof and fully able to be used outdoors. Any print work will also be waterproof, perfect for outdoor commercial displays.

Can you colour match?

We are able to colour match, however, please note that for an accurate colour match we may ask for a physical reference. We ask this as monitor manufacturers use varying colour spaces and it can be difficult to get a true match digitally.

What resolution do you print Correx® signs at?

We print in high-resolution 2400dpi in full high definition colours.

Is Correx recyclable?

Yes! Correx can be recycled after use.


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