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Correx (Polypropylene) Sheets

Thickness Sheet Length Sheet Width Price Per Sheet Per m^2 Cut to Size Print Cost Per m^2
4mm 2440 1220 £14.50 £5.55 £6.00
6mm 2440 1220 £26.50 £11.50 £6.00
10mm 2440 1220 £39.50 £15.52 £6.00

We offer correx/polypropylene sheets in White, Black, Red and Yellow in 4mm, White is available in 4,6 and 10mm. All prices are the same except for yellow which is slightly more expensive.

We have an inhouse printer and can print anything onto Correx and a variety of materials, including di-bond, foamex, hoarding, acrylic, glass and polycarbonate.

We can offer deals for large orders, just send us details of what you need.

Our site does not currently feature a product for Correx, get in touch and we'll give you a quick quote for anything you need.

Delivery costs are separate, you can find these here.

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Cost-effective, eco-friendly and easy to print on, Correx plastic sheets have a number of positive qualities that make it a popular material to work with. It’s a corrugated plastic that has all the brilliant qualities that plastic is known for with the addition of excellent strength and durability due to the rigid construction. It’s a popular material for advertising and signage as it’s affordable and easy to cut, but it can also be used for a variety of other uses such as packaging or as a protective covering. It’s long-lasting and crack-resistant, so it’s sure to continue looking great for years to come, providing plenty of value.

At Cut My Plastic, we can cut Correx sheets to any size or shape you require, and we offer a number of different thicknesses to suit your needs, from 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm through to 10mm sheets. If you need advice on the right thickness for your chosen application, get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Benefits of Using Correx Sheets

Durable and strong, Correx has numerous advantages. It’s a cost-effective material that’s not just economical when you purchase it but also over time as it’s crack-resistant. Correx is also fully recyclable, making it a more environmentally-friendly material for a variety of applications. It’s also toxin-free so it won’t leach chemicals into the surrounding environment. It has great chemical-resistance and is water-resistant too, as well as being approved for food-packaging, making it a highly versatile material.

Despite being strong, it’s a very flexible sheeting that is easily hand or die-cut, and it has a high tensile strength. The rigidity and hard-wearing qualities that Correx sheets provide make it ideal for outdoor use. It can also be printed on easily, so it’s perfect for signage or advertising applications.

What Can Correx Sheets be Used for?

Due to the corrugated structure of Correx sheeting, it has the inherent qualities of plastic, such as chemical and water-resistance, as well as incredible strength for a material of its size and weight. Because of this, it’s a fantastic material for use in outdoor applications where you need something hard-wearing and durable. It offers brilliant value for money as it has a long lifespan, so it is perfectly suited to advertising or branding, both for in and outdoor use.

Signage is one of the most popular uses for Correx sheets, as well as visual displays. It’s also a great replacement for other materials, such as wood or cardboard, and can be used for protective food packaging as it’s malleable. In addition to signage and displays, Correx can be used for estate agent signs as it holds up well to weathering and can be printed on easily. It’s also ideal for information boards outside buildings or for events. It’s a lightweight material that can be used during building work too, as a form of floor, wall, door or carpet protection, as it’s tough and moisture-resistant.