Over the past few years, mother earth is constantly facing environmental issues. Among all, plastic as one of the major environmental threats. The fact they are not biodegradable and cannot decompose into the soil, this material looks same in shape even after years. However, by utilising skills and creative approach, you can upcycle plastic to sustain environmental conditions. From utilising plastic sheets to plastic bottles, there are number of ways to give second life to plastic. In this article we will tell you about creative ways to turn plastic bottles in useful decorative items. Have a look at some DIY projects that you can make to transform this simple material into useful decor:

  1. Plastic bottle bouquet lamp shade:

Lamps are always considered as one of the most attracting features of the house. Though there might be a wide variety of lamps available in the market, but you can make one by your own self by recycling plastic bottles. Simply, cut down the bottom part of the bottle, arrange them in a floral pattern and stick them together. Lastly, you will need a base of an old lamp to place in the top part.

  1. Drain uncloggers

Are you tired of clogged drains of your house and are you do not want to drag yourself in a hassle by hiring a professionals to unclog drains. Then, this DIY project will surely help you out. Plastic bottles have turned out to be cheapest and effective drains uncloggers. To make this, you will need a small piece of wire and a sharp craft knife to cut bottle appropriately. Uncloggers made out of plastic bottles are one of the effective tools to clean out hair and other gunk from drains without calling out a plumber.

  1. Garden sprinkler:

This plastic bottle project is perfect for summers to enjoy hot weather in the sprinkling of water. You just need to poke holes in an empty plastic bottle and hook it up to the garden hose. Additionally, you can even let the kids decorate their sprinkler with paints. Also, you can use it to water plants during summers.

  1. Birds’ home:

If you are a bird enthusiasts and want to rid your home from empty plastic bottles, then you can utilise them to create a beautiful bird feeder. To make it look more appealing, you can use any colour scheme to paint bottles or you can even cover them with fabric and hang them wherever your bird may visit.

  1. Save your money in piggy banks:

One of the greatest advantages of plastic is that you can mould it to any shape and any form. How about transforming these bottles into piggy banks? Sounds interesting! You will need some paints and key supplies to transform plastic bottles into piggy banks. Plastic bottle snowflakes:

This project might suit your needs for Christmas decor. Pick bottles of various colours and cut the bottom of the bottles. Tie a ribbon or string at the top and you have snowflake ornament ready to attract guests.

  1. Plastic bottles chia pets:

Instead of investing money to buy chia pets, you can easily recycle plastic bottles to make your own. You just need the bottom half of the bottle and creative approach to decorate the bottle. Once the bottle is prepared, you can fill the bottle with soil with whatever seedlings you want.

Article # 7:

Uses of acrylic sheets you didn’t know about:

Over the past few years, acrylics sheets have gained a widespread use, due to its ability to replace plastic. Acrylic sheets have become a preferred choice for a number of homeowners. In everyday products, it is used for pole signs, sales display, windows and TV screens. Since, it has numerous advantages over glass, acrylic sheets are now being unconventionally used in various types of industries. As acrylic is one of the most versatile material, it is mostly chosen for its durability, impact, strength, pattern and colour possibility. Here are some of the most unconventional uses of acrylic sheets:

Acrylic used in submarine windows:

Acrylic sheets are one of the most durable materials and possess properties to resist water. Hence, acrylic is one of the most suitable materials to be used in making submarine windows. Moreover, the clear characteristics of acrylic sheets allow visitors to look around the wonders of the ocean.

Acrylic aeroplane canopies:

Whether, it’s a technical development or functionality of the airplane, air space industry has experienced some major developments in the past few years. An airplane canopy is a transparent enclosure over the cockpit of aircraft. An airplane canopy is designed to provide a weatherproof and quiet environment for the aircraft’s occupants. To minimise the aerodynamic drag, an acrylic is often used as a light or shatter-resistant alternative to glass canopy. Moreover, acrylic is specifically used for airplane canopies and windows contained in RV finish kits.

Windows for swimming pools:

Acrylic sheets are flexible, inexpensive and serve as a great alternate for glass. While acrylic sheets are durable alternate of glass, these sheets are now predominantly used for luxury pool design, which allow instructors and diving coaches to observe swimmers while swimming.

Acrylic handcrafts:

High-quality transparent acrylic sheets are considered as a versatile craft medium, which is comparatively inexpensive and durable to the glass. While acrylic sheets create less mess and offer more flexibility and durability, now most of the crafters prefer to opt for acrylic sheets in the making to crafts. Rest assured, your acrylic creation will last for many years which needs to be protected from dust.

Acrylic aquariums:

It’s a major misconception that all aquariums are made out of glass. Whereas, most of the aquariums are now made up of acrylic. This material possesses properties to be easily mould and can be formed into a number of shapes. Available in a wide range of colours, acrylic aquariums are much clearer than glass. In addition, acrylic serves as a lighter option as compared to glass. Moreover, it is easier to repair acrylic aquarium if it is scratched, as there are a wide variety of acrylic polishing kits available in the market to fix the scratch.

Acrylic helmet:

Wearing a helmet is one of the precautions to ride a bike. However, among millions of helmet materials available in the market. Acrylic helmets are considered as the cheapest material. As acrylic helmets are light weight, durable, inexpensive and scratch free. These properties make acrylic helmets a preferred choice for a number of bikers.