Cut My Plastic supplies a huge range of acrylic (also sold as Perspex®) in all colours, thicknesses and finishes. Using plastic sheet has become a popular design feature recently as it is attractive, cheap, easy to order, fit and replace.

One of the most popular uses for acrylic is the kitchen splashback. Splashbacks are designed to catch all the splashes, spittings and spills from your cooking, preventing them from getting onto your walls or tile work as it’s much easier to clean an acrylic splashback than it is to get grease and food stains out of brick or wallpaper.

As well as being practical, acrylic kitchen splashbacks can be attractive too. A coloured acrylic splashback, whether you choose clear or opaque, can fit in with your colour scheme, no matter how traditional or funky. Because we can cut your acrylic splashback to any size or shape, then deliver to your home, the whole process couldn’t be simpler. Just order on line, letting us know if you need any holes made for power points and we will cut and send your kitchen splashback fully packaged and protected, meaning it reaches you in perfect condition. Once you have it, you’ll find that it’s lightweight and flexible enough to fit in minutes.

Acrylic Kitchen Splashbacks

As well as acrylic kitchen splashbacks, we can cut acrylic sheet to any size, meaning that if you need table top covers or any other kind of protection in and around the kitchen, we are able to make and deliver it for you. As well as making splashbacks for the kitchen, they can also be used in the bathroom or utility room, in fact anywhere that you want to keep moisture, dirt, grease and any other stain-making or damaging material away from your walls.

Besides going directly behind the cooker hob, acrylic splashbacks can be used to line the entire length of your work surfaces and behind the sink too, making a unified and attractive design feature out of a practical barrier. Again, when ordering, let us know where you need holes cut for power outlets and switches and we will happily accommodate.

Designers love our acrylic splashbacks because we have such a wide range of colours available in stock. As well as virtually every colour imaginable, cut from transparent or opaque plastic sheet, we also have a variety of metallic mirror finish plastics that come in silver, gold and bronze. We also offer high quality acrylic table tops

Our plastic kitchen splashbacks are also extremely hard wearing and incredibly impact resistant, meaning that if they are struck, they are unlikely to break, and if they are broken, they are cheap and simple to recycle and replace.